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In his work, aaron ossia creates a space, or a movement in space, with lines, geometrical shapes, and color. He likes to visualize the precision, perfection, and strength that lines, geometry, and color as a material can produce. By layering the paint, he creates form and architecture, each layer acting to change the functionality of the material. 

The power in the emptiness and the void, as well as his personal obsession, compulsion and fascination with order, leave their trace in his work process. Furthermore, he utilizes the unanticipated colors presented by the industrial and architectural landscapes of London, alongside the reductive language of Islamic geometry. 

His paintings often serve a purpose in his site-specific and strongly painterly installations and he utilizes the materiality of paint, as well as the applied surfaces, as tools to create these installations. Although some of his works are realized on the canvas or the wall, they all deal with three-dimensional situations. 

In their formality, one might consider aaron's geometry and lines as abstract ideas, but they are facts and traces of his mind and identity that he leaves behind.

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